Signal Booster - Whip Antenna N-Type and SMA Type

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Picture of Signal Booster - Whip Antenna N-Type and SMA Type
Installation Manual   

The MR whip aerial is available with either an N-type (white) or SMA connection (black). The whip aerial is used for the indoor broadcast on all repeater models except the MR Tri-Band kit. The whip aeiral has an omni-directional signal broadcast so it should be located in a central area for maximum results. The aerial when attached to the repeater should be mounted vertically.

NOTE - if you are ordering a replacement whip aerial for your repeater please use the information below to determine if you need the N-type or SMA model and make your selection above.

Repeater models compatible with N-type whip aerial

    MR Mini Dual Band
    MR 3G 2100 PRO
    MR Dual Band PRO
    MR GSM 900/3G PRO
    ALL MR PowerMAX Models

Repeater models compatible with SMA whip aerial

    MR Mini GSM 900
    MR Mini GSM 1800
    MR GSM 900 PRO
    MR GSM 1800 PRO