WiFi Signal Booster - Outdoor/Indoor - 3G & 4G LTE Router

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With an integrated mobile modem, the outdoor router connect your smartphone, tablet, computer, camera, etc. to the internet via the 3G/4G network. After inserting a micro SIM card into build-in SIM card slot and connect the outdoor router to POE power source, a Wi-Fi hotspot is instantly established.

Complying with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, the outdoor router can establish a wireless network with transmission speeds of up to 150mbps. The Wi-Fi output power is adjustable between 10/20/30dBm. WPA/WPA2 encryption standards ensure your wireless connection is safe from intruders. WRT4E is an industrial-grade 3G/4G router with an IP67 rated enclosure to withstand extreme weather conditions and harsh rugged deployments. It can be installed in manufacturing plants, industrial automation, stadiums facilities, school campuses, etc. WRT4E also supports Ethernet connection to extend the internet network in indoor areas.

The 3G/4G Outdoor repeater kit comes complete with

1 x Outdoor Router

2 x FRP Aerial

1 x 30-Meter LAN Cable 

1 x 5-Meter LANCable 

1 x 24V-1A PoE Injector 

1 x Mounting set & tool