Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install

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Picture of Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install
  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install
  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install
  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install
  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install
  • Vodacom Signal Booster - 500 SQM - 50 Users - Simple Install

Compatible with all GSM 900 Voice networks including Vodacom

The Vodacom 500 Pro repeater kit captures and boosts a weak mobile signal through a high gain antenna and boosts coverage for areas up to 500 m². Our repeater will give you guaranteed coverage for your home, office, cabin, warehouse or facility and works with all GSM 900 network providers. This is the only mobile repeater with digitally adjustable gain control (automatic or manual) and interference protection. These unique features make our repeater the most modern and technically advanced repeater available.  The repeater is compatible with all GSM 900Mhz networks (Vodacom).

The adjustable gain control allows the transmission of a perfectly calibrated signal which will provide the best possible phone call experience and enhances the quality of the signal to achieve ideal mobile phone performance. The gain control also enables you to isolate/limit the signal to a certain area. Built-in interference protection electronics prevent signal overload and oscillation.

The GSM 900 PRO repeater kit comes complete with everything you need to increase signal strength and stop dropped calls. This product is simple to install, comes with 100% free technical support and is posted from South Africa. At Signal Booster we stand behind our product. This solution comes with free technical support, one year manufacturer's warranty a comprehensive money back guarnatee. Includes:

  • GSM 900MHz Vodacom Repeater Amplifier
  • 60dB gain
  • Coverage up to 500 
  • Simple Installation
  • Supports up to 50 simultaneous users
  • Works with all GSM 900 Networks
  • Money Back Guarantee

The Vodacom Pro 500 repeater kit is designed for areas up to 500 m² . The Vodacom 500 Pro enhances signal strength to your mobile phone or device by capturing the weak signal through an external aerial antenna that provides input to the amplifier. This unit is an advanced, low cost solution and will provide a reliable signal for areas up to 500 m²,how far depends on the outdoor input signal.

Installation of the repeater is simple and takes minutes. Just mount the external aerial antenna and connect to the repeater. Connect the indoor coverage aerial and turn on mains power. For best performance the external aerial should be mounted in the location with the strongest signal strength. The effective coverage area of the unit depends on the input signal provided from this antenna. The Vodacom PRO 500 repeater kit comes complete with:

  • GSM 900MHz Repeater Base Unit
  • High Gain External Aerial
  • 10m Aerial Coax with Connectors
  • External dual band signal antenna
  • Mains Power Supply
  • Easy to follow installation manual

If you have any questions about this or other Mobile Repeater products please feel free to Contact Us. For technical specifications on this model please see below.


Gain ( dB) Uplink Gp≥55, Downlink Gp≥60
Pass band ripple ≤5dB
Guard band rejection (BW-60dB)≤42MHz, (BW-70dB)≤45MHz
I/O impedance 50Ω/N connector
I/O return loss ≤-8dB
Export power (Po) ≥23dBm
Intermodulation Attenuation: ≤-40dBc (Po=13dBm)
Transmission Delay ≤0.5μs
Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃
Power supply AC110~220V + - 10%
Connector Mode N/K for both in-out antenna socket
Diamension 235 x 178 x 25 mm

m²m²m500 500