Up to 2,500 square meters

As the leader in today’s Mobile Repeater market, Mobile Repeater South Africa is not only focused on designing and manufacturing mobile signal solutions; another main service we provide is the professional installation of our repeaters.  Mobile signal installments are all about ensuring that our corporate customers receive the care and attention they deserve; and give extended warranty and maintenance agreements options with all types of installments.

We go about these installation processes strategically and methodically, in order to give our clients the greatest installation experience possible. Since repeaters that cover 2500 sq m might require some additional assistance, such as a survey and professional installment, we advise you to contact us in order to get started on your survey installation process as quickly as possible.

Here at Mobile Repeater South Africa, our trained professional teams are always updated on all of the most recent technological and strategical advances. Our first priority is always your trust, and we gain it by making sure all of our pro teams are trained and prepared for the job.

How does the installation process begin? 

After you contact us, we recommend you to have a survey done of your building, which would be the ideal first step towards getting the professional installment you deserve. This includes:

After the results of the survey are in, our professional team of installers are now more than ready to carry out their work. Here at Mobile Repeater South Africa, the surveys are crucial when it comes to pro installation of larger booster systems, since we want to make sure that our teams are fully prepared when they do their work, to guarantee that your repeater is installed in the best way possible, to give you the best mobile signal available.


What coverage will you get with a 2500 sq m repeater?

Our 2500 square meter repeaters are intended to cover a total surface area of just that. But what type of mobile signal will you be getting now that it’s installed? Well, it all depends on the mobile signal you receive outside of your building, since that is what your booster system will be picking up and amplifying.

For example: if you receive 2-bars of signal outside, and have standard inside/outside partitions, you will receive around 3 bars inside your building. Generally, for every bar you have outside, you will get around 30% more signal inside, once the repeater is installed.

Our repeaters are designed to boost and create a steady mobile signal, that way you have a better signal inside your building, and you don’t have to worry about experiencing dropped calls anymore.

This also applies to a GSM, 3G or 4G repeater. The internal coverage gain is the same, and it secures a better, stronger, more reliable connection inside you property or home.


About our designs:

We comprehend that infrastructure changes from building to building; more open layouts require less antennas, whereas buildings with 2 foot stone walls can need significantly more. Allow our professional engineering team to assess your building, define your needs, and come back with an effective plan of action. We guarantee the best solution for your needs here at Mobile Repeater South Africa.

Our designs will: 

Most of the time, you will need several indoor antennas, but why?

The amplifiers in the 2500 sq m range give improved results with several indoor antennas for the following reasons:


Why is Mobile Repeater the leader in today’s Signal Booster market?

We’re proud to say that we’ve been on the market for over 10 years and counting! And let us tell you, that after so many years of professional experience, we have become the leader in today’s mobile repeater industry. Like all great companies, we believe in our products and their fidelity and capacity; and if it weren’t for our brilliant customer satisfaction rate, we wouldn’t be in the place we are today. At Mobile Repeater South Africa, our customer’s 100% satisfaction is always our priority. We want to make your experience with us one of a kind, and want to provide the best service possible every single time.

After many years of designing and improving our mobile signal solutions, we have discovered the perfect way to amplify your mobile signal with one simple, aesthetically pleasing system. This system is easily connected to your devices, and maintains a great mobile connection all day, every day.

Furthermore, we love to hear from our customers. It is always mora than a pleasure to know how your system is working, and how it went with our professional teams, so please don’t hesitate to contact us any time! We love to hear your testimonials as well, so please contact us via e-mail with any and all type of feedback you have for us.

Thank you for visiting our site. We can’t wait to hear from you!

-Our team at Mobile Repeater South Africa.


All Up to 2,500 square meters